July 29

Union President Sam Fresina mentions that Governor Pataki, as another of his wonderful moves, has vetoed any and all legislation relevant to firefighters, which, of course, includes the bill to lock in our health coverage. It would seem that yet another couple of years will have to go by, and a new governor elected before there is any chance of this legislation becoming law.

October 23rd

The annual IAFF Redmond Symposium on health and safety will be held.

May 8th-10th

The N.Y.S.P.F.F.A. annual Legislative Conference was held. Of interest to us is a bill submitted to lock in health coverage after retirement. Only problem, as usual , will probably be a Pataki veto, no matter the legislative support.

July 17th to 21st, 2006

The N.Y.S.P.F.F.A. annual convention will be held at Niagara Falls.


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