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An affiliate of I.A.F.F. Local 2007, Albany, N.Y.


The Albany Permanent Professional Firefighters Retirees Association was formed in the 1980's as a succesor to a prior attempt at a retirees organization which never quite took hold. Its original and still basic purpose was to have a means for retired union Albany firefighters and officers to maintain some contact with each other on a social basis after leaving the job.
Membership in the A.P.P.F.A. at the time of retirement is a requisite to join, and all retired members are welcome. Meetings are usually held every three months, with election of officers held at the September meeting.
With many members scattered around the country, the Association has taken on a national face, with an extensive group of Florida members the largest out-of-state contingent, and many scattered through the midwest and western states.
Along with meetings, the A.P.P.F.R.A. continues to monitor the well-being of members, holds an annual clambake(with many members attending from all around the country), provides notification of and representation at services for departed brothers, visits sick members when possible, and tries to keep everyone informed of each others comings and goings. Several members still donate time and effort in the Union's battle against Muscular Dystrophy, and participate in many other Union functions and pickets.
Along with its social aspects, the A.P.P.F.R.A. has also been involved with several legal issues concerning retiree benefits, mainly on the local level. Two contentious issues have been the City's failed attempt to collect benefit monies, termed overpayments, from members, and a recent move by some Common Council members to alter or reduce health care coverage. Members of the association have, as mentioned, been involved in picketing, attending Common Council meetings, and are working closely with the Union in efforts to preserve existing benefits. The Board, along with our attorney, also keep abreast of the many legal issues and legislative news that affects the membership.

John J Holloway President
David Scalisi Secretary
Paul-Treasurer Trustee
Andrew Hirsch Trustee
Fred Garavelli Trustee(Florida)

Please take a minute to remember our departed brothers

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